How to Make the Best British Fish and Chips at Home

‍In the United States, fish and chips are often thought of as an English specialty. While it’s true that fish and chips are very popular in England, the dish is actually from Northern Europe and Scandinavia. However, nowhere else in the world does fish and chips taste as good as they do in Britain.

The combination of fried fish with a side of warm potato chips (or fries) covered in salt and vinegar is simply delicious. But if you’ve ever tried to make this dish at home, you probably discovered it’s not so simple to recreate it.

Even though it may look fairly simple to make fish and chips at home, it’s much more difficult than you might expect. It takes some time and focus to get just the right texture on your cod or haddock fillets before frying them up. The same is true for your chips – trust us! If you want to learn how to make the best British fish and chips at home, keep reading for some helpful advice.

Why does British fish and chips taste so good?

There are many factors that contribute to the deliciousness of British fish and chips. Here are some of them. Fish – British fish and chips are made with haddock, pollack, and cod – not the most expensive fishes. The haddock and pollack found in British fish and chips are saltwater fishes that are more abundant than cod.

This is why you often see haddock and pollack in fish and chips restaurants, but not cod. Cod is an expensive fish that’s often sold as fresh fish or fresh fish fillets. Because haddock and pollack are less expensive fishes, they are often used in fish and chips. These two fishes are also usually less “fishy” than cod, which can taste quite strong and “fishy”. Frying – The way you fry your fish and chips plays a big role in their texture and taste. Deep-frying is the best way to fry your fish, since it produces a crispy exterior and moist interior.

If you pan-fry your fish, it won’t be as crispy as you’d like, and it can also become dry. Vinegar – If you want your fish and chips to really taste like fish and chips, you must serve them with vinegar. The combination of vinegar, salt, and fish is one of the best flavor combinations out there. You can use malt vinegar or white wine vinegar to add a bit of tartness to your fish and chips.

The Importance of Quality Fish and Chips

As you’ve read above, the ingredients you use to make your fish and chips will affect their taste. While you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of money on these ingredients, it’s important to buy the best quality fish and chips you can reasonably afford. If you use cheap pollack or haddock, they won’t have much flavour.

Cheap fish can also break apart too easily when you’re frying it. Poor quality fish is also more likely to have high levels of mercury, which can be dangerous for humans. In addition to buying better quality fish, you should also avoid frozen fish. Frozen fish often has a mushy texture, and it can taste “odd” compared to fresh fish.

british fish and chips
British Fish And Chips

Key Ingredients for Great British Fish and Chips

1) Fish – As we’ve discussed above, fish with good flavour will taste much better than a cheaper, bland fish.

2) Batter – You can either use a beer batter or a traditional batter for your fish and chips. Beer batter is simply made with beer and flour. It’s lighter than a traditional batter and has a different texture than a traditional batter. If you use a traditional batter, you can use regular all-purpose flour or wheat flour.

3) Potatoes – There are two types of potatoes you can use for your fish and chips: regular potato chips (fries) or chipped potatoes. Chipped potatoes are smaller than regular potato chips and are often called “fish and chips potatoes”.

How to Fry Your Own Fish for Making British Fish and Chips

If you want to make truly authentic British fish and chips, you need to fry your own fish. If you’re frying fish at home, it’s best to use a deep fryer. Make sure you start with a high quality fillet of fish. You want the fish to be fresh, and you want it to be boneless. Fresh fish will be shiny and have a slippery texture. If the fish feels sticky, it’s likely old. If you’re not sure if the fish you bought is fresh, you can also smell it. A fresh fish will smell “fishy”, while an old fish will smell a bit more pungent.

How to Make the Best British-Style Fried Chipped Potatoes (Fries)

  • You can either cut your own fries or use pre-cut fries. If you want to make your own french fries, you can either use chipped potatoes or full-size potatoes.
  • You can either cut the potatoes yourself or use frozen fries. If you’re using frozen fries, make sure they are blanched first. If you use regular potatoes, you’ll need to cut them into thin strips. If you’re using chipped potatoes, you can simply place them in a fryer.
  • Finally, make sure you fry your potatoes at a low temperature for a long period of time. If you fry them at a high temperature for a short period of time, they will be too brown and won’t taste as good.
british fish and chips
British Fish And Chips

What to Serve with British Style Fish and Chips?

If you want to serve traditional British fish and chips, you can serve any side dish you can think of. Chips, mushy peas, coleslaw, and stewed beans are particularly common side dishes for fish and chips. You can also serve any of these side dishes to go with your fish and chips.

  • Cucumber and mint salad – This salad will cleanse your palate after eating fried fish and chips.
  • Grilled corn with butter and cayenne pepper.
  • Corn is sweet, so it will help to cut the richness of your fish and chips.
  • Salad with avocado, cherry tomatoes, and feta cheese – This salad is simple, but it’s absolutely delicious when served with fish and chips.


There is nothing quite like fish and chips when it comes to British comfort food. To make the best British fish and chips at home, start with a high quality fish, fry your fish in a deep fryer, and fry your chips in a fryer or fry them in oil. You can serve your fish and chips with a salad or another simple side dish. This is sure to please the whole family and make for a tasty family meal.

When it comes to British food, fish and chips are among the most popular dishes. This traditional meal, which consists of fried fish and potato chips, can be tricky to make, but with these tips, it won’t be a challenge. Use fresh fish, make sure it’s fried in the right temperature, and choose the right type of potato, and you’re sure to make the best British fish and chips at home.

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