5 Best Jobs In The Basic Industries That Pay More Than $60,000 Per Year

Image Source: Flickr ‍ Basic industries are those that keep society running. These include architecture, engineering, and construction, manufacturing, and mining. Many of these jobs have been seen as being manual role with little scope for growth in the future. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, many basic industries offer opportunities … Read more

How Many Jobs Are Available In Basic Industries

‍There are a number of basic industries that drive the economy. These are known as primary or secondary sectors, depending on their importance to the economy. Primary production involves the extraction of raw materials which may be natural resources or crops grown specifically for this purpose. Secondary production is the conversion of those raw materials … Read more

How to Make the Best British Fish and Chips at Home

british fish and chips

‍In the United States, fish and chips are often thought of as an English specialty. While it’s true that fish and chips are very popular in England, the dish is actually from Northern Europe and Scandinavia. However, nowhere else in the world does fish and chips taste as good as they do in Britain. The … Read more

How to Make Healthier Chicken Balti – UK’s Most Popular Curries!

Chicken Balti

‍The British love their curries. Chicken balti is a popular chicken curry that can be found in almost any U.K restaurant, cafe or pub that serves Indian food. Made with a combination of spices, onions, tomatoes and lots of Recipe along with potato as well as chickpeas and green peas, the balti curry is served … Read more

Slow Cooker Thai Peanut Noodles : The Easiest and Most Delicious Meal

Thai Peanut Noodles

‍When you think of Thai food, you probably don’t think “easy and quick”. However, thanks to your trusty crockpot and a few pantry staples, you can have a delicious Thai meal on the table in no time at all! This easy slow cooker Thai peanut noodles recipe fits nicely into any busy schedule. It’s also … Read more